According to sources both in and outside the company, Cyanogen Inc. is effectively ceasing to exist as it has for much of its short lifetime as of today, with a renewed round of layoffs and an internal announcement at the company that its Seattle headquarters will close by the end of the year, AKA within around a month. This should not be surprising to anyone at this point.

Our sources also claim that the future of the company's cofounder, Steve Kondik, is up in the air. Kondik was removed from the company's board, allegedly, as part of a managerial shakeup last month that also saw CEO Kirt McMaster cede his position to newcomer Lior Tal. Kondik's current role is "Chief Science Officer," but it was never clear what this position entailed, apart from a reduced authority over Cyanogen's greater direction.

Some on the chopping block in Seattle today are being given an option to relocate to Cyanogen's smaller Palo Alto office, where two more of the already reduced staff were let go today. Both were responsible for Android development.

As a slightly morbid but humorous aside: the company still lists that it has open positions on GlassDoor. I'm guessing they'll remain unfilled. We've reached out to Cyanogen Inc. for comment.