The mobile market is mature enough that there aren't too many issues left when it comes to cross-compatibility between Android and iOS, at least for relatively simple matters like mobile web surfing or SMS. But the latest flagship phones on both sides of the aisle seem to have a bit of digital beef, at least according to a few Pixel owners. This discussion on the Google's product forum details a bizarre bug distorting screenshots sent from the iPhone 7 Plus (the latest and most expensive iPhone) to the Pixel.

The bug is surprisingly specific: it only happens with screenshots taken on the iPhone 7 Plus, and only when those screenshots are sent to someone using a Pixel or Pixel XL, either from a standard SMS/MMS app or in Hangouts. Furthermore, the screenshots only get the dimension and color distortion you see above when they're taken from within an iPhone app, not on the iPhone's homescreen. First party and third party apps are all affected the same way. The error doesn't seem to occur in reverse, with images sent from a Pixel to an iPhone.

The problem might be because of something in the way image processing is handled in the very latest version of Android, 7.1. At least one user reports that it's happening on an older Nexus 6 running 7.1, presumably via an AOSP-based custom ROM (since the N6 isn't getting 7.1 developer previews). While Google support staff is aware of the issue, there's no indication of when or if a software fix will be forthcoming.

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