It's not all phones around here—we're also happy to tell you about deals on Chromebooks, provided they run Android apps (them's the rules). All the Chromebooks on discount at Best Buy right now either have support for Android apps or are expected to get it soon. You can get as much as $75 off these machines if you act fast.

The Asus Chromebook Flip was in the launch lineup of Chromebooks with Android app support. Best Buy usually sells this device for $240-260 depending on the installed RAM. The 2GB version is $219 ($20 off) and the 4GB version is $229 ($30 off) right now. There are also three Acer Chromebooks on sale at Best Buy. The Chromebook 15, 14, and R13 are all slated to get Android apps soon. They're $229 ($20 off), $269 ($30 off), and $349 ($50 off), respectively.

All these deals can be stacked with the $25 off Visa Checkout deal. Just sign up for an account if you don't have one already and add your payment card. The $25 discount should be reflected at checkout.