It's funny - just a few years ago, everyone was worrying about the demise of microSD card slots because of the growing popularity of cloud storage, but now, virtually every smartphone, flagship or otherwise, is capable of taking microSD cards (iPhone and Pixel excluded, of course). To take full advantage of your phone's microSD slot, why not stick a 256GB card, the highest capacity widely available, in there? Now, Massdrop is offering 256GB Samsung EVO+ microSD cards up for just $129.99.

The EVO+ is one of the best cards you can get; in fact, it's actually the same card that Samsung gave away with the Galaxy Note7 (RIP). Samsung estimates read speeds at 95MB/s and write speeds at 90MB/s, so it's definitely quick enough for 1080p or even 4K video. And with 256GB, you can fill it up with hundreds of movies, thousands of songs, etc. You get the point; it's a crapload of storage. Massdrop is also including an SD adapter for use with your computers and cameras.

The $129.99 price that Massdrop is offering is the lowest we've ever seen by at least $20. Currently, this card is going for $149.99 on Amazon, and that's via a third-party seller. If you're interested, you'd better be quick; the drop is limited to 750 units, and 213 have already been purchased as of this article's writing. It's also worth noting that the estimated ship date is December 6th, so you'll have to wait a few weeks to receive it. However, if you've been on the lookout for some high-quality storage on the cheap, the wait may be worth it.