There are plenty of choices when it comes to security cameras, but for the longest time, most of them needed to be tethered to electricity and couldn't be placed outdoors. Now, lots of companies like Nest and Canary are releasing outdoor-friendly cameras, but Arlo has been doing it for a while before them. The wireless Arlo security cam system is comprised of one smart home base connected to power and your router, and one or several small cameras interspersed around your house or business. They're wireless, work off battery power, have night vision, are weather-proof and motion-triggered, stream in HD quality, and come with free 7 days of cloud storage. They're also compatible with Wink, IFTTT, SmartThings, (ie, they should work nicely with Google Home) and have a nice Android app to access them any time.

All in all, they're a good proposition if you want to keep an eye on your property without drilling holes and extending wires everywhere. But they're also a bit expensive. One camera kit with a base station and one Arlo wireless cam usually costs $179.99. Ouch. However, if you're interested, Amazon has great deals on them today:

The best deal, obviously, is that 4 camera bundle: it includes the 3-camera kit plus an additional wireless camera (note: Amazon points out that the add-on cam might ship separately) for a little more than the 2-camera kit's original price. But if you only need one, the 1 camera kit is also a fantastic deal. The 3 camera kit deal doesn't seem all that appealing, especially when you can just add about $25 to get one more camera.

Regardless of which offer you decide to go for, you're getting the lowest price ever on any of these, as the CamelCamelCamel price tracking shows. Even Arlo's website still lists all the kits at their original price. Oh and of course, shipping is free with Amazon.

Arlo Q deal

Netgear Arlo Q is down to $169.99, which is $30 off the usual price ($50 off MSRP). This is a wired camera with 1080p video and audio, which the Wire-free Arlo does not have.

The Arlo Wire-free 5-pack just dropped to $469 for Cyber Monday. That's $93.80 per camera. The 4-camera bundle at $349.99 was a better deal, but it's no longer available at this time.