If you're in the market for an action camera that can shoot in insane 4K resolution, you could do worse than the YI. Jeff Beck gave the camera an easy recommendation versus the more common GoPro models in his review, even if users will need to buy the accessories separately. Today Amazon has the YI 4K, in black, white, and pink colors, for $50 off. That brings the camera down to just $199.99.

The YI can handle 4K recording at 30 frames per second, but if you'd like to see your snowboarding faceplants in slow motion it can also handle 120fps at 1080p or 240fps at 720p. Photo stills are taken at 12 megapixels. Unlike GoPro models, the Yi uses a full color touchscreen for setup and browsing photos and videos. There's also an Android app for handy management if you've mounted the camera somewhere inaccessible, plus easy transfer and sharing.

The listing is fulfilled by Amazon, which means free two-day shipping for Prime subscribers (and free standard shipping for everyone else thanks to the price). The "Selfie set," which includes the camera and a remote shutter switch, is also discounted from $280 to $229. As usual with Amazon sales, there's no indication of when the camera will go back to its full price, but it seems unlikely that the discount will last into next week.