Amazon has a ton of obscure brands that sell shady, poorly-built products you should avoid; AUKEY is not one of them. I personally own a few AUKEY chargers and batteries, and I've been very satisfied with all of them. Now, through November 29th, AUKEY is handing out discounts for some of their products in the form of promo codes.

First up, the charging accessories. For their dual-port wall charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 tech in both ports, you can take $5 off the current price of $19.99 with the code AUKEYBF1. If you've got a ton of devices like I do, you may want to take a peek at the company's 6-port wall charger, which comprises of two Quick Charge 3.0-capable ports and four 2.4A ports. With code AUKEYBF2, you can take $6 off AUKEY's $27.99 price on Amazon. Want to charge your phone quickly in the car? Look no further than the CC-T7 car charger, which is equipped with one QC3.0 port and one 2.4A port. AUKEYBF3 will take $1.68 off the car charger's $11.99 price point.

AUKEY is also further discounting its 7-port hub, which is made up of four USB 3.0 ports and three "smart charging" ports, from $24.99 to $19.99 with code AUKEYBF4. And if you're looking for a massive portable battery pack, NLD526NB will save you $10 on AUKEY's $39.99 20,000mAh unit, which has one QC3.0 port, one 2.4A port, and both microUSB and Lightning inputs.

Here's a summary: