Black Friday deals have been kind of underwhelming for the last few years, but Verizon seems to be taking full advantage of its "exclusive" on the US carrier version of the Pixel phones. For customers who buy a new phone today (Thanksgiving) or tomorrow, the price is reduced to $10 a month for the Pixel and $15 a month for the Pixel XL. That works out to just $239.99 for the Pixel and $359.99 for the Pixel XL (only the 128GB model of the larger phone is being discounted) over the two-year payment period.

If you're waiting to hear the catch, here it is: this isn't a cash discount. You're actually paying the full retail price of the phone, less a $409 bill credit that's split up month by month. The discount is only for new customers, and you must remain active on Verizon for the full term of the financing period to qualify for the discount. So anyone hoping to snag a dirt-cheap Pixel on Verizon with an initial signup and then head for a cheaper carrier is out of luck.

Those looking for any other device get a deal that's much less sweet: $100 off the price of any new Android phone $400 or higher for an upgrade, or $200 off for a new customer or a new line. Both of those offers end on Sunday, November 27th.

There's at least one discount to be had if you're not interested in Verizon's cell phone service. Verizon is selling the Google Home assistant speaker, and just like other retailers, it's offering the gadget for $99.99 ($30 off) for the time being. (It's the same Wi-Fi connected device, of course - the Home has no mobile connection.) If you can't find one elsewhere, a Verizon store or the online storefront might be your last chance.