OnePlus has a Thanksgiving day surprise for owners of the now defunct OnePlus 3. The phone is receiving an incremental update to OxygenOS version 3.2.8, which brings mostly bug fixes while remaining on Marshmallow. The update is on a staged rollout, as per the usual.

Here is the official changelog:

  • Added 1080p 60fps video recording
  • Added emergency calling for India (Triple press of power button to trigger)
  • Optimization of Snapchat, fixed video calling and scrolling lags
  • Increased system stability
  • General bug fixes

Of course, that first note is the most worthwhile in this update. 1080p video has been with the phone since launch, but the lack of 60fps has confused some users. Regardless, I doubt that this addition will fix the other issues with video recording stabilization (mine is still pretty awful). The Snapchat lag was also frustrating to some OnePlus 3 owners, even though I had never heard about it.

This OxygenOS update should be rolling out to all users over the coming days.