Few LG devices are lucky enough to get an official bootloader unlock method, so it's always worthy of a mention when a new phone gets supported on LG's bootloader unlock tool. We've seen the G4 and G5 for the EU open market, the V10 for Europe except France, and this is the first time a device from North America makes it onto the list.

The LG V20 "for the US open market" codenamed US996.USA is now listed on LG's bootloader unlock page. That page also has a detailed set of instructions to follow to unlock the bootloader. It also explains that the LG warranty is voided when you're done and that the process can't be undone.

We're not sure what exactly constitutes the "US open market" but it's more likely to mean unlocked devices officially sold in the US, i.e. not those that are coming from the operators.

If you know what you're doing and you want to unlock your compatible V20's bootloader to install custom ROMs or enable any mods or capabilities that are impossible now, head over to the link below.