Telegram updates are always fun. Not only do the developers tend to release substantial new features, but the changelogs and blog posts are amusing. Such is the case with v3.14, which is rolling out now in the Play Store. The Android version is getting some wide-ranging updates to bring it closer in functionality to the iOS app, and there are some all new features like Instant View links. It's like viewing links, but you know... instant.

Here's the changelog for starters.

  • Instant View for Medium articles and some other sites. No more waiting for the pages to load!
  • ‘Groups in common’ in user profiles.
  • ‘Jump to date’ in message search.
  • 'View Pack' for recent stickers.
  • Setting a passcode now hides your chats from the task-switcher.
  • Improved camera speed, video compression.
  • Improved interfaces.
  • Also introducing, a new publishing platform. You can now use to publish articles – it’s clean, simple and efficient.

Instant Links are basically pages that load inside the Telegram stream when someone sends you the link. Just tap the instant view button and the page loads right there. It's actually loaded in the background, so there's no wait when you tap the button. It only works for select sites right now (eg. Medium and TechCrunch), but more will be added later. The image above is supposed to be a depiction of Instant View in real life. Okay.

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Specifically for Android, Telegram is adding revamped screens for creating groups and modifying notification settings. Video compression and camera speed have been improved too. The devs also threw in a mention of the new publishing platform. That's not strictly an app update, but I guess you can check it out anyway.

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