Tipping with real money has been something of a sore topic with Uber, so why not just tip your driver with a digital sticker and some kind words? If giving a 5-star rating is never enough, Uber Compliments is just the thing for you. Compliments are essentially glorified, digital thank-you notes.

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Yes, we know they're iPhones.

Here's how Uber intends Compliments to work: your driver has gone above and beyond by playing your favorite music or having an entertaining conversation with you. You want to tip them, but since Uber is anti-tips, you decide to use Uber Compliments to, well, compliment them instead. You can choose from badges such as "Neat and Tidy," "Above and Beyond," "Cool Car," "Expert Navigation," and over twenty more to send along with a 5-star rating. Theoretically, drivers will excitedly bounce around and show off all the cool badges they've received to their friends.

You can also leave thank-you notes, which Uber figures fit in with the theme of Thanksgiving. Here's the thank-you note that Uber decided to use in the promotional video above:

"From the moment we got into the car, she greeted us and made us feel so comfortable. She's a very personable woman and has such a kind soul. She made my birthday car ride very memorable. Thanks Vickie, you're amazing, and I hope we get to ride with you again."

That's sweet and all, but I feel like Uber might be idealizing Compliments a bit too much here. Maybe I'm just too cynical, but I seriously doubt anyone would write that detailed or thoughtful of a note to someone that drove them around for fifteen minutes in their Toyota Camry, regardless of how much candy was exchanged.

Uber Compliments will be rolling out starting this week. When it reaches your app, don't forget to let your driver know about the "Great Conversation" you chums enjoyed.