By now, no one should really be surprised at all the sales coming in to our emails and mailboxes. Interestingly, headphones seem to be a bit popular this time around. Seeing as a lot of people will be or are traveling, that makes sense. In today's deal, we have the recently announced JayBird X3 wireless in-ear headphones for $99.99 at Best Buy, a savings of $30.

JayBird is pretty well known in the wireless Bluetooth headphone space. The X3's predecessor, the X2, was widely loved by many. When the Freedoms came out to less fanfare, many stuck with the X2s waiting for the follow-up. From what I've heard, their patience has paid off.


The X3 is more compact than the X2, still providing that good sound. The battery is split between the buds, not in the controller like with the Freedoms. That being said, you still need a dongle to charge them which is a huge bummer for some people. On the upside, though, the X3 will give you battery announcements each time you turn it on. Very useful, indeed.

This deal is good through Best Buy in both black and white. The MSRP of $129.99 was already surprising, so this deal is definitely a good one. Purchase link is below — you know what to do.