If you've bought a new Android device in the past six months, chances are pretty good that it charges via USB Type-C. There are some nice advantages to the new charging standard (that I wish was more standardized) but there is also one fairly large disadvantage. USB Type-C cords cost a lot more than their MicroUSB brethren.

That is, if you pay the full price for them. If you pick them up on sale, prices are a bit more tolerable. Today I've got three codes to share with you guys for three different two packs of USB Type-C to Type-A cables. You can pick whichever set you'd like for around seven bucks after applying the discount.

Two of the sets are from Choetech, one is from Tronsmart. The Choetech cables are bit more lux, with aluminum tips on both ends and diamond shaded cables to reduce tangling. The Tronsmart cables, however, are two feet longer than the Choetech ones, so they may work better for you if length is your most important criteria when selecting a new cable. Here are the links and codes so you can compare them for yourselves.


Keep in mind that the codes won't work on other color combinations, so make sure you enter the correct code for the product you select.