The first and last time I attempted to solve a crossword was on a 12-hour flight from Amman to Chicago where I just couldn't sleep or do anything else. I love word and math games, but for some reason, crosswords never really hit the right spot for me, so I just gloss over them when I come across one. But I know a lot of people who absolutely dig crosswords. And for them, the New York Times is the epitome of puzzles.

Now those same puzzles, which were previously only available on iOS and the web, are also accessible on your Android phone through the NYTimes Crossword app. For free, you only get the Mini puzzles. But if you subscribe ($6.95/month or $39.95/year), you also get the full daily crossword at 10pm E.T. each night the day before it gets printed in the next day's newspaper. You also get unlimited access to all of NYT's crossword archive. If you don't like the subscription model, there are themed puzzle packs where the first crossword is free but the entire pack costs a bit of dough.


Cross-device support is included with your account, so you can solve anywhere on your Android, iOS, or web devices, and continue where you left off. The app is free in the Play Store and you can grab it from the link below.

NYTimes - Crossword
NYTimes - Crossword

Alternate title

1 across: American city and state

5 down: Famous square

6 across: Puzzle inception

10 down: Job or make-up

12 down: Form of entertainment

13 across: Save for later.