Google had several variants of the new Live Cases for the Pixel ready to go on day-one, but the unannounced Google Earth and Google Trends variants showed up on Verizon's site unexpectedly a few days ago. Now, Google has announced they are officially available for sale. Well, some of them.

The new Live Cases are a bit more expensive than the previous ones. Both Google Trends and Google Earth cases will run you $50 instead of $40. The Trends cases come in two gradient styles; sunset and asphalt (coming soon). The phone screen with this case will show trending search terms. Double-tapping pulls up more, and pressing the case button launches a search.


The Google Earth case is (in my opinion) the most attractive of all Google's cases. There are three styles for this one; Moindou, Antarctica, and Ceel Dheer. Only Moindou is available right now with the others coming soon. The wallpaper for this one cycles through Google Earth images, and the case button launches Google Maps in that location. I'm sure most people will scoff at spending $50 on a phone case, but you can order now and have them shipped on the 19th.