Fitbit's new dashboard design has been live on iOS for months now but our beloved Android platform was left in the cold waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting for the update to come. Well, the wait is over — almost. The Fitbit app has been updated on the Play Store and it includes a preview of the new Dashboard design. You will see a pink banner on top of the home screen offering you the option to try the new Dashboard. Once you tap it, you get a tutorial of all that will be changed with the new design.

There are tiles with more detailed information for each measured metric, better information density on the screen, an option to customize the tile order, a new bottom row to quickly jump to the challenges, friends, and account tabs, a FAB to manually log anything in the app, a new account page, and an option in the settings to revert between the new and old dashboard.

fitbit-new-dashboard-1 fitbit-new-dashboard-9

Left: Old look. Right: New Dashboard. Notice how many more metrics are visible.

The one problem I can see with this new design is the colored status bar. It's now white on the top level tabs, which looks fine with the new white Dashboard, but is completely out of place with the Challenges, Friends, and Account teal-colored title bars. It irks me. Thankfully, the lower-level menus like settings and individual challenges still carry the teal status bar.

fitbit-new-dashboard-10 fitbit-new-dashboard-11 fitbit-new-dashboard-12

Left, middle: New white status bar — yuck. Right: Teal status bar is still there in a few places.

If you want to try out the new Dashboard, which, judging by the comments we've had on our previous Fitbit articles and reviews, includes a lot of eager readers, just make sure you have Fitbit v2.38 on your device from the Play Store or from APK Mirror if it hasn't updated for you yet.

Developer: Fitbit, Inc.
Price: Free+