There are multiple layers to Amazon's Prime subscription model, from full access to video to just Kindle. All of these pricing tiers offer a lot of choice on how you get your media from Amazon's ecosystem, which is pretty great. Music Unlimited was added to this list a month ago, offering what Prime Music did already, but with a whole lot more content. An additional family plan was announced for those interested, allowing up to six people to access the vast selection of music. Well, now that new plan is available in the US.

It comes in at $14.99/month for both Prime and non-Prime customers, or $149/year for the former. New users of the music service will get a 30-day trial. This makes it the fourth tier, joining Prime, non-Prime, and single Echo pricing. So if you're a Music Unlimited subscriber, this is neat and in league with Google Play Music's family plan (same price, too). Below is further information for those interested.

Press Release

We are excited to share that the Amazon Music Unlimited Family subscription plan, allowing up to six family members access to Amazon Music Unlimited for only $14.99/month for both Prime and non-Prime customers or $149/year for Prime members, is now available in the U.S. All family members can stream as much music as they want, anytime, anywhere and at the same time. Additionally, each account member gets personalized recommendations from tens of millions of songs, and thousands of playlists and stations available on Music Unlimited.

With this news, customers can now choose from four Amazon Music Unlimited subscription options and begin their free 30-day-trial today:

o   $7.99/month, $79/year for Prime members

o   $9.99/month for non-Prime customers

o   $3.99/month on a single Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap

o   *NOW AVAILABLE* $14.99/month for Prime and non-Prime customers or $149/year Family plan for Prime members

Amazon Music Unlimited launched just over a month ago in the U.S. (October 12), and is an on-demand, full catalog streaming service with tens of millions of songs and thousands of hand-curated playlists and personalized stations available on all Amazon Music compatible devices including Amazon Echo, Fire devices, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Sonos players and more.

Amazon Music Unlimited is the only destination to stream music from the best-selling solo artist in U.S. history and recent CMA Entertainer of the Year award-winner, Garth Brooks—customers can listen to Garth’s Diamond-selling album, The Ultimate Hits and the two-time Diamond-selling album, Double Live now, with more music from Garth coming later this year. Additionally, listeners can find a range of rock, country, pop, hip hop and more within the catalog and in thousands of hand-curated playlists including Brand New Musicwhich is updated every Friday with new releases and Introducing, which features songs only from emerging artists, among others as well as in thousands of personalized stations.

Amazon Music Unlimited also boasts innovative voice controls through Alexa that make the listening experience more conversational and personalized than ever before—no searching or browsing required. Listeners can just ask Alexa to find a song by lyrics, create a playlist based on mood or genre, and more:

o   Can’t remember the name of a song from Garth, but know the lyrics? Just ask, “Alexa, play the song that goes ‘I’m not big on social graces” and Alexa will play “Friends in Low Places”

o   Want to be surprised? Just ask, “Alexa, play the Song of the Day” to hear a song picked daily by Amazon Music editors. Song of the Day also features a DJ intro with fun facts about the song and an outro with suggestions for further listening

o   Looking for music that’s appropriate for your kids? “Alexa, play fun children’s music” and she will choose age appropriate songs for the whole family to enjoy.

o   Curious about the kind of music Alexa herself is into? Ask, “Alexa, are you a Justin Bieber fan?”

Customers who sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited can begin their free 30 day trial today. To find out how to listen, visit and to learn more