The eBay app has improved greatly over the last few years, going from a jumbled, kind-of-holo mess to the much a better, usable app it is now. Today, eBay is announcing a new update that makes it easier to find what you are looking for by introducing new, improved categories.

screenshot_20161115-170548 screenshot_20161115-170612

Categories are basically what they say on the tin: a lot of items separated into 32 categories that then go down into second-level categories - for example, in 'Video Games & Consoles,' there are categories such as 'Manuals, Inserts & Box Art,' 'Strategy Guides & Cheats,' and 'Coin-Operated Gaming.' Inside the categories are products you would expect to find in them - I looked for some motorsport items, and pretty quickly found what I was looking for. There are also some nice, smooth transitions that animate between the different categories and levels. To access the new categories, simply tap the 'categories' button on the home screen, below the search bar (see the main image, above).

screenshot_20161115-170612 screenshot_20161115-170730

Other new features include a personalized home screen that, as long as you are logged in, shows items based on your search history and previous purchases, and new user ratings and reviews, with crowd-sourced reviews of popular products straight from the eBay community.

Overall, this looks like a good update - if it helps finding products quicker, easier, and more efficiently, it's a thumbs up from me. The eBay app is available on the Play Store, or on APK Mirror if that's what you prefer.