Google Wifi, the company's latest wireless router, was one of many devices announced at the company's October 4th event. It has much in common with Google's previous attempt at routers, OnHub - painless setup, prioritizing specific devices, a mobile app to manage your network, etc.

The main selling point of Google Wifi is mesh networking - you can buy multiple Wifi stations for better network reception for a large area. It uses the IEEE 802.11s mesh standard to broadcast the network from all stations, and the additional stations do not need to be connected to each other with wires. If you already have an OnHub, you will be happy to know that OnHub routers are intercompatible with Google Wifi.

At long last, pre-orders for the Google Wifi have finally gone live. You can order one right now from the Google Store, B&H, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. One unit is $129.99, but you can buy a three-pack for extended coverage for $299. Let us know in the comments if you're picking one up.

Google Wifi - Single unit ($129.99)

Google Wifi - Three unit bundle ($299)