Android users who demand maximum control over their devices are most likely running franco.Kernel. The franco.Kernel Updater app lets you put all that power to use, and the latest update adds a ton of new features for devices running this kernel. There are display profiles, a "night shift" mode, and a few goodies for anyone running Nougat.

Here's a quick rundown of the changes in FKUpdater v2.1.

  • Night Shift
  • Display profiles
  • High brightness mode
  • Launcher shortcuts (app shortcuts)
  • Quick tiles for performance profiles
  • Per-App profiles improvements
  • Early support for Pixel
  • Round icon support
  • Improved integration with Play Games for achievements
  • Ability to set a default home path for the File Manager
  • Improved inter process communication for preferences
  • Bug fixes

Many power users were annoyed when Google removed official night mode support from Android for the second time after letting us play with it in the dev previews. With FKUpdater v2.1, you can use Night Shift to control the RGB display channels on any device with support in the kernel. That means you can create your own night mode schedule, sort of like Night Light mode on the Pixel. Similarly, display profiles will let you create custom color settings for your device.

On the performance side of things, there are improved performance profiles on a per-app basis. This lets you alter system settings on the fly as you open certain apps. For example, running GPS navigation apps at a lower resolution and lower CPU clock to save power. System performance profiles can also be toggled by quick settings tiles and via app shortcuts (AKA launcher shortcuts) for Android 7.1 devices.

There's a Medium post with additional details on the new features. franco.Kernel supports phones from the Nexus line and OnePlus devices. Pixel support is available, but you can't auto-flash because TWRP support is still lacking. The new version of FKUpdater is rolling out in the Play Store, so you should have it in the coming hours.