Google told us at its event in October that the company's new router, the Wifi, would be available to order some time in November and would then ship in December. Right on cue, an unlisted video has appeared showing how to set up your brand new router.

Setup is reasonably straightforward, from the looks of things: plug in the USB-C cable for power and ethernet to your existing modem, then wait for it to flash blue, at which point the app can be used to configure it. To do this, scan the QR code on the bottom of the router, then wait for the app to do its thing. After that, simply select where the Wifi is located and choose a network name and password. That's it.

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Left: what's in the box. Middle: the app, with QR code scanner. Right: the bottom of the router.

If you bought the pack with more Wifi units (the product ships in 1-pack or 3-pack varieties), the app can handle this, too: select how many other points you have and where these are located. The video recommends you test the new point before using it, to ensure optimal speeds in the location the Wifi is in.

If you're interested in the Google Wifi, you should be able to order it some time this month, providing Google keeps to the aforementioned schedule. It will cost $129 for a single pack and $299 for a 3-pack.

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