Microsoft wants to beat Google at its own game, so to those ends the company drives hard and fast when it comes to search. The newest feature to hit the app is 360 Search, an augmented reality-infused experience that helps take you where you want to go. Other new things include enhanced music and events features as well as a new 'Lottery' section showing the latest winning results for jackpots and such.

screenshot_20161114-124649 screenshot_20161114-125036

Above and below right: 360 Search in action. Note the compass at the top.

360 search sounds useful; point your phone in any direction and tap what you'd like to see and it will show the locations of the selected item. Say you want to see the nearest coffee shops. Select coffee shops, point your phone as if you were taking a photo, and you'll see lots of locations and the distance they are from you. There's also a small compass in the top left to get you on your way.

The other, smaller, new features are more context-aware things which should help users find what's happening around them, in the case of events, or find new music based on what others are listening to. In the case of the lottery and events, it's possible they only pop up in applicable moments - we couldn't find hide nor hair in the app as we were writing this post.

screenshot_20161114-125156 screenshot_20161114-130406

Left: the new 'Music' page, showing trending items and a song identifier.

Bing Search is available on the Play Store now, or we have the APK available on APK Mirror. These new or updated features seem to only be available in the US, however, which is a shame for those of us in any other countries around the world.

Microsoft Bing Search
Microsoft Bing Search