The Accelerated Mobile Pages standard is slowly proliferating across the web, to the delight of users on metered or slow connections. The "AMP" sites, implemented for large media outlets at the moment, dynamically reformat pages to shrink images, improve readability, and bring load times down to just a second or two even on a slow mobile network. The latest service to get access to the tool is the web-accessible version of Google+. Users on mobile Chrome and other browsers should start seeing the lightning bolt icons for AMP stories (in the lower left of the image above) starting now.

2016-11-11 17.36.59 2016-11-11 17.37.03

AMP has been most dramatically integrated with Google News and Weather, where the faster pages now get a dedicated section on the Top Stories page for quickly parsing a huge amount of news. The integration with Google+ isn't so tight: aside from being only on the mobile web version (not the dedicated Google+ app, which uses Chrome Custom Tabs), links are opened on the same page, making browsing a little less elegant. But then using the mobile version of Google+ instead of the dedicated app already means working with a limited interface.

The new AMP integration was announced by Googler John Nack. Another Google employee, Luke Wroblewski, points out that there's a new camera icon on community page input fields to create a new post specifically for that community, instead of a personal post.