T-Mobile's Binge On program has become extremely popular, despite its disadvantages. If you're not familiar, Binge On doesn't charge you for data used by certain video and audio streaming sites, but with video quality capped to about 480p. AT&T today announced Stream Saver, which sounds like the company's response to Binge On.

Like Binge On, Stream Saver limits the quality of streaming video to around 480p. The catch is that Stream Saver still counts the data used - whereas T-Mobile does not. So this has all of the disadvantages of Binge On, with none of the advantages. This works exactly as setting YouTube video quality to 480p - you aren't using as much data simply because the video has a smaller file size.

The company says Stream Saver will become available in early 2017, and will be enabled for everyone on supported plans by default. To their credit, they will notify all customers that Stream Saver is enabled, with instructions on how to disable it. AT&T neglected to announce which services will be compatible with Stream Saver.