Verizon has decided, whether on purpose or accident, to show two as-yet-unannounced Live Cases for the Pixels. These are not ones you would find on the Google Store. The blue option for the Earth case looks a lot like one of the wallpapers from last year's Nexus phones, which makes me feel a bit nostalgic.

Personal opinions aside, these are only listed as "Coming Soon" in the Verizon store. I think that it would be a safe bet to assume these Live Cases will be similarly priced to their brethren in the Google Store at $40. Perhaps they will be Big Red exclusives, but we will have to see. As for when they will become available, that's anyone's guess.

Both the Trends and Earth cases are now showing in the Google Store, too. Just like on the Verizon site, these both are listed as "Coming Soon." Interestingly, their price is $49.99.

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