Looking for a little pick-me-up? Why not splurge and get yourself a phone, and another free one while you're at it. This weekend, T-Mobile will give you a free Samsung Galaxy S7 when you buy one. There are, of course, some caveats.

This deal goes live on Friday, November 11 at 6:00AM PT and ends on Sunday, November 13 at 11:59PM PT. You can get this deal if you're a current customer or a new one. New customers can also get up to $650 to cover switching fees, as usual. The first phone has to be purchased on an equipment installment plan (EIP) in order to qualify for the deal.

The "free" phone is actually free after a 24-month credit. So, T-Mobile is basically waiving the monthly payments for the device. And yes, it has to be on an active line. You can't just have a spare phone.