It seems like ever since the Google Home launched, we can't have enough of these Amazon Echo deals. Maybe it's related, but maybe it's just the fact that the Echo is about 2 years old now, or that the new Echo Dot is super cheap and causing internal competition in the line-up. Regardless of the reason, we love it when prices drop so we can get the same gadgets for less — or more gadgets for the same budget, because let's face it, the bucks we save here will be spent on other gear.

The Amazon Echo normally costs $180, but recently we've seen its price drop to $140 new and $260 with a Philips Hue A19 Starter Kit. Refurbished units aren't usually heavily discounted (the best we've seen is $135 on Woot), but today, there's a good deal on the certified refurb Amazon Echo. At $119.99, you'll be saving $51 off the listed price of refurbs, or $60 off the price of a new Echo. That's more than 33% off.

The refurbished units are tested and certified to be in working condition, and they look almost like new. They might ship in a white label box, but all the accessories will be included, original or generic. There's a 90-day warranty to make sure things are working well so you can return the unit if it doesn't function like it should.

Shipping is free in the US and there's no word on how long this discount will last, so you may want to decide fast if you want Alexa and all her skills in your life. You'll find the link in the source below.