Capturing and sending a bug report on Android used to be an inelegant process. Bugs are annoying and bug reports are one of the least exciting parts of a platform, but they are essential to help it and its apps move forward. So it's nice to see the Android team putting some thoughts behind improving the bug report interface and interaction, especially for those of us who tend to actually use the feature.

Previously, on Android 6.0 and below, if you decided to save and send a bug report, the device would vibrate once and nothing happened for a minute or two. Then you get the notification for the captured bug report and the only thing you can do is share it along with the screenshot that was taken when you tapped the bug report icon.

Now, the flow is a lot more elegant and user-friendly. First, you can see a notification that the bug report is being generated. It shows a progress bar and three quick actions.

nougat-bug-report-old nougat-bug-report-1

You can tap Details to add a bug title and summary, Screenshot to take a screenshot of the bug with a 3-second countdown, or you can cancel the bug report.

nougat-bug-report-2 nougat-bug-report-3

It's one of those small improvements that won't affect a lot of users but will certainly delight anyone who happens to frequently capture and share bug reports.