Are you one of the hip kids that use Snapchat? Then you're in luck, because today Snapchat has brought a few changes to their application on Android and iOS. The most notable new feature is 'World Lenses,' which applies various augmented-reality effects to your back camera's view of the world. This is similar in functionality to the existing lenses, but is not limited to images of faces.

screenshot_20161108-160321 screenshot_20161108-160139 screenshot_20161108-160253

There's only a few to choose from right now, but they are a neat effect. The 'Go Vote' lens applies a foghorn that shoots confetti when holding down on the screen, for example.

The next change is much smaller in comparison, but welcome nonetheless. You can now hold down on a snap, be it on someone's story or directly sent to you, to share it with someone. This appears in the message view to the recipient, so it's easy for them to reply.

screenshot_20161108-152849c screenshot_20161108-152911c

The last change in this update is also relatively minor - you can now tap the left side of the screen to navigate backwards in the UI. I imagine this is more exciting for iOS users, since Android devices have an always-visible back button anyways.

The update should already be live for everyone on the Play Store, but just in case, you can download the APK from APKMirror.

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free+