Sports Interactive, owned by SEGA, has been developing the Football Manager computer games for quite a few years now, and it's built up quite a following for the UK-based developer. Right on cue, the new Android version of the game, Football Manager Touch 2017, has been released.

Unlike last year, where there was a game for phones and a game for tablets, it appears that this year there is only the tablet version. Nevertheless, this is pretty close to the computer version (PC, Mac, and Linux), with a 3D match engine and in-depth features, plus a ton of Touch-only options made specifically for tablets. The game is fully licensed, with tons of real-life teams and players, and 130 leagues to ply your trade in. Pick a club and take them right to the top of international football!

Now the downside: it costs $19.99. For a game of this quality that's pretty good, but it's still $20. Football Manager Touch 2017 is available on the Play Store now for most, if not all, Android tablets.

Football Manager Touch 2017
Football Manager Touch 2017
Developer: SEGA
Price: $19.99+