Google's Pixels are advertised as supporting LTE band 4, an AWS frequency. The band is commonly used throughout North and South America, and a number of readers from both continents have gotten in touch to let us know the Google Pixels are having difficulty with this band which, in some regions on some operators, is basically the only LTE signal available to subscribers. A Google Product Forums thread where these problems are being discussed can be found here.

Users in other countries have reported LTE issues on other bands, but band 4 is currently the source of most complaints, and we can't verify that reports of other bands not connecting are widespread. Of course, if you are having LTE connectivity issues with your Pixel, we'd happily welcome you to share the band and carrier your device is having trouble connecting to.

After querying T-Mobile users on Twitter, I found that no one seemed to actually report a problem with band 4 connectivity, so that would seem to suggest the problem is related specifically to certain band 4 networks. It's unclear what might be causing the problem. In the meantime, we've reached out to Google to see if they can shed some light on this. One reader, for what it's worth, talked to a Google Support representative who said they were aware of the problem and an update would be made available to remedy it, but we tend not to trust support reps as information sources - they're often not well-informed and, frankly, some will say almost anything to close out a ticket.

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