If you're involved in the world of custom ROMs, there's little chance you haven't heard of the Open GApps Project. As of late, Open GApps has been the go-to site for downloading Google Apps packages. It's not hard to understand why; the site is pretty and easy to use, and the packages, which come in nine sizes and variations, are always up to date. Now, the guys behind Open GApps have taken the stuff that makes their site so great and infused it into a new Android app.

screenshot_20161107-224812-1 screenshot_20161107-224836 screenshot_20161107-224853 screenshot_20161107-224910

A few noteworthy screens from the setup process.

As soon as you open the app for the first time, you can tell that it's well-designed. The setup process is intuitive and requests only one necessary permission - storage. If you're rooted, you can also choose to grant root access to the app so that it can seamlessly install any packages you download. In addition, the app automatically detects the CPU architecture and Android version of your device to ensure that you don't accidentally flash the wrong packages.

screenshot_20161107-225336 screenshot_20161107-225404 screenshot_20161107-225409 screenshot_20161107-225416

The 'Install' page is where you'll be spending the most time. Here, you can see all the details of the package you're set to download. Want to change any aspects of your download? Just hit 'Change Selection' and toggle away. It's all very straightforward. After you initiate the download, a full-screen video ad will pop up, but considering that the download has already begun, it's not too intrusive.

screenshot_20161107-234343 screenshot_20161107-225354 screenshot_20161107-225451 screenshot_20161107-225434

The rest of the app is ad-free, and equally easy to use. Under 'Settings,' you can choose to only download over WiFi, where the downloads go, to automatically delete old packages when newer ones are downloaded, and more; these options are simple, yet useful. The 'Support' page contains everything you'll ever need or want to know about Open GApps and an option to donate to the team, and the 'About' page shows if you've found the hidden Easter egg; unfortunately, I haven't.

If you're a flashaholic, the new Open GApps app is definitely worth checking out; it'll make your life so much easier for you. And even if you're not the type to constantly flash different ROMs on your device, download it to hunt for the Easter egg. I can't make any guarantees, but it might be worth it.

You can download the Open GApps app from APKMirror, OpenGApps.org, or the Play Store.

Open GApps
Open GApps
Developer: Fonville IT
Price: Free