In other Verizon news today, the cell operator announced two new options for its prepaid customers. Both offer quite a bit of data for prices that are not too bad considering that this is Verizon we're talking about. The first of these new plans is a 5GB for $50 per month tier, followed by 10GB for $70 per month. Both are available starting November 13.

As for how they fit into Verizon's prepaid lineup, I find the 5GB plan odd considering the existing $60 6GB plan. Yet, I know that there is obviously a good reason for the decision (market research and all that). All things considered, the 10GB is the best deal by far. Most of the other plans average $10/GB, so doubling the new 5GB plan for an additional $20 is pretty good.

All prepaid plans include HD Voice, Wi-Fi and 6-way calling, and simultaneous talk and data. Oh, and don't forget about the throttling options to prevent overages added a few months ago.