While the frequency of Humble Mobile Bundles has slowed in the last year, we are still graced with new ones every now and again. This time around, you can get up to eight games, with more on the way. Thing is, you need to jump on this deal since it's only good for about another two weeks.

If you don't know how these work, let me break it down. If you pay $1 or more, you get two games: Scotland Yard and Carcassonne. Pay over $3 and you get Tier 1 plus Splendor, Catan, and THE aMAZEing Labryinth. Finally, fork over $5 or more and you get the second tier as well as Ticket to Ride, San Juan, and Galaxy Trucker.

In order to get the upcoming games, you need to be in the middle tier. All games are available to download directly and are DRM-free. You can split your payment between Humble Bundle, charity, and the game devs.