Mark it down, everyone: LG is the second OEM to start the Nougat rollout to its early 2016 phone, the G5. Seeing as the V20 launched with 7.0, LG already had a head start on the update wars this year. The catch here for most of us reading this is that the update is starting in South Korea. The claim is that the rest of the world will see it in the "coming weeks."

Nougat brings a host of new things to the table like multi-window, a notifications overhaul, and some other UI tweaks. I don't think that 7.0 will turn around the poor sales of the G5, but I know it will make owners of the phone happy. And while it is nice to see a manufacturer take update speed so seriously, I have to say that LG needs to tone down the self-congratulating (I understand why they do it, but come on). Hit up the source link and you'll see what I mean.