For you Google Home owners that have been waiting so patiently to change up the look of your fancy new speaker, this is for you. Google has made six new, shiny bases available on its store. Half of them are fabric and the other half are metal. These are designed to make your Home fit in better with your home... décor.

Pricing is split between the two different materials. Coming in orange, teal, and purple, the fabric bases are $20. As to how they feel to the touch, I can only imagine. On the other side, the metal ones come in carbon (black), copper, and snow (white). These guys run $40 and look similar to the stock base that Google provides.

Since they magnetically attach to the Home speaker itself, you can switch them on a whim. It should be noted that Google says that these bases are exclusive to its store, so you will not find them in retailer stores.