BestBuy has a sweet deal going on today. You can pick up a Phillips Hue A19 starter kit (3 bulbs plus a hub) and an Amazon Echo for $260.40. That's about $120 less than you would pay if you bought each item separately at full price. This a great combo for those of you wanting to add some tech to your home to make it a little smarter.

I own several Phillips Hue bulbs. I love being able to change the color and intensity of the lights to fit my activity and mood. Waking up to gradually increasing lights instead of an alarm has helped me tremendously in handling the dark Seattle winters. The third gen starter kit includes the best bulbs Phillips has crafted to date, with deeper greens and a few more nits of brightness than previous models.

I haven't used an Amazon Echo, but, from what I have read, they are pretty awesome as well – especially since the Echo can control other components of your smart home. If you are in the market for both items, you aren't likely to find them cheaper than this for quite some time.

Now, a couple of notes. Technically, the promotion advertised on BestBuy's website states that the combined price of the two items is $300. That's the price you'll see if you follow the promotion link directly. However, if you add first the Hue A19 Starter kit to your cart, then the Amazon Echo, the price will magically drop to just $260.40.

It seems BestBuy's site has a bug that is stacking the Hue + Echo promotion with the Amazon Echo sale we wrote about earlier today. Oops. As this is likely a mistake, there is a chance that the deal may disappear at any moment. You know what that means – get on it!