Android platform distributions for the first week of November are up, and Nougat has appeared... with 0.3% of the pie. But it's there! The only other really noteworthy change came from Marshmallow, which surged 5.3 points to 24% of total devices. As such, it seems likely that Marshmallow will unseat KitKat as the most common version of the Android platform next month, at least if we're counting by API level. If you're counting by whole-digit version, Lollipop is in the lead, and has been for some time.

But KitKat has held this position of dominance for, well, a really long time (probably around two years). Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and the various versions of Jelly Bean all saw presence reductions, as well, with Android 5.0 also seeing a notable drop (Android 5.1, however, gained 0.9 points).

So, with Nougat on the board, we get to start this whole thing over, just like we do every year. And it probably doesn't help that Android 7.1 already has a higher API level than Android 7.0, so Nougat will "fragment" (I know, I know, that word) the graph fairly quickly.

Of note, this month's update is the first since September, meaning the differences in the data account for two months of time, as opposed to the usual one.