It feels like Google changes the Play Store UI every few weeks. A larger button here, adjusting the font size there, and so on. But the new 'Trending' section on the Play Store is absolutely new, and is both incredibly useful and well-designed. The new addition can be found in the entertainment section, just below the new movie releases.

screenshot_20161105-142230 screenshot_20161105-140409 screenshot_20161105-140428

Tapping on any one of the trending topics opens to a scrollable collage of news. In the case of this one about Marvel's new Doctor Strange film, it has two reviews, movie info, a trailer, the cast, popular YouTube videos about the movie, an interview, and finally the soundtrack. All of these can be expanded to reveal all the content.

ezgif-com-optimize-1 ezgif-com-optimize-2

I promise it's not as laggy as these GIFs.

The soundtrack and videos can be fixed to the bottom-right of the screen (like videos on the YouTube app). Unfortunately, playback stops when exiting the trending page, so you can't listen to Michael Giacchino's soundtrack while you browse for apps.

The Doctor Strange section is a great hub for all the various media and info related to the film, and right now there are similar sections for Bruno Mars's new single and Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge movie. Hopefully Google continues to update the trending section, and maybe make the rest of the Play Store as sleek as this.

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