Microsoft Selfie has been available on iOS since last December. What took it this long to reach Android is anyone's guess, especially considering the company's very prolific releases on our beloved platform, but it's not like anyone of us was heartbroken over the delay of the app or spending sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed just wishing for Microsoft to come and save them from selfie mediocrity.

Regardless, the app is now available on the Play Store. Microsoft Selfie, unlike its name suggests, is not an app where you can browse selfies of Microsoft's logos, past and current execs, employees, buildings, or any other Microsoft property. Ha! It's Microsoft's app for improving your selfies. You didn't expect that twist, did you?

Selfie lets you take a photo with the front-facing camera on your phone and beautify it in one click. Microsoft says that the app "intelligently considers age, gender, skin tone, lighting and many other variables" and then takes the average photo shot with your average camera of your average face (not a direct quote) and makes it better. "Enhanced" and "natural" are two words used in the description, though I have trouble understanding what constitutes "natural" in an algorithmically edited photo.

Sarcasm aside, the iTunes ratings imply that the app does actually work and is an easy way to quickly remove blemishes and improve your photos' lighting, exposure, and color balance. It's free on the Play Store so there's nothing stopping you from downloading it and giving it a try.

Microsoft Selfie
Microsoft Selfie
Price: Free