Samsung is pulling out the big guns to encourage Note7 holdouts to turn in their phones. In the coming days, it will send out an OTA to all Note7s in the US that limits the battery to a 60% charge. So, it's not just T-Mobile. The new software will also nag you incessantly about returning the phone.

This update was deployed in Korea almost two months ago, but it was unclear if the same thing would happen in the US. In addition to limiting the battery to a 60% charge, the update will cause the phone to throw up a warning every time the device is plugged into power, booted up, and even when you turn the screen on. That's going to get mighty annoying.

Samsung says that 85% of Note7 devices in the US have been returned, but that still leaves a lot of ticking time bombs out there. If you're still holding onto a Note7, it's time to give it up.