When Motorola ramped up its efforts to sell phones directly to consumers, it introduced the Motorola credit account. The account lets you pay off the cost of a device monthly. Not everyone can drop hundreds of dollars up front on an unlocked phone, so this was a welcome option. Not anymore, though. The Motorola credit account is going away.

As of now, you cannot apply for any new Motorola credit accounts, which are operated by Comenity Capital bank. If you already have an account, you can still use it to make purchases on Motorola's site until November 29th. On December 3rd, the account will close completely for users with no balance.


So what happens if you have a balance on your account? You still have to pay it off, sorry. You'll continue to get monthly invoices until the account is paid in full. During this time, you'll still be able to access your account on the Comenity website. Without Motorola credit, cash money (or your own credit card) is the only way to purchase phones from Motorola. This seems like an odd time to remove a payment option—the unlocked Moto Z that just launched costs $700.