V-Moda is a brand that's admired by several of us here at AP. It has the reputation of delivering attractive headphones with excellent sound at a (somewhat) reasonable price. I reviewed its Crossfade Wireless headphones a couple of months back and thoroughly enjoyed them.

While the headphone manufacturer has focused primarily on over ear headphones in the past, it's shaking things up today by announcing three new fitness oriented sets of in-ear earbuds. They range from $100 to $170 with two wired models and one that is wireless.

The wired models, the Forza Sport Hybrid and Forza Metallo, have similar feature sets. They both sport 5.8mm drivers that support Hi-Res audio, 3-button remotes, sweat resistance, and a wide variety of hooks, fins, and plugs to customize their fit. The Sport Hybrids are priced at $100, while the Metallos will run you $130.

plastic plugs-square metal

The Metallos justify their higher price tag by upgrading the housings from plastic to aluminum, swapping out the standard cable for a tangle-free Kevlar reinforced one, and also including a more premium pouch crafted from vegan leather. I would hope that the increased price also translates to better sound, not just cosmetic differences.

V-Moda's most expensive new buds are its Forza Metallo wireless Headphones ($170). They boast more or less the same features as the wired Metallos minus the Hi-Res audio support, which isn't available through a Bluetooth connection. Their advertised 10 hours of battery life make them some of the longer lasting wireless earbuds on the market. To achieve this longevity the battery resides in a curved band that is designed to rest on the back of the listener's neck.


All three sets of headphones look clean and are priced at about the same level as competitors. If you want to spend extra cash on some bling for your headphones V-Moda will also be offering custom 3-D printed caps that can be inserted over the backs of the earbuds. They start at $40 for plastic caps and the price skyrockets to several thousand dollars for ones printed from precious metals ($7,500 for solid platinum).


Spending that much money to customize some earbuds is not something I think many consumers are likely to do, but V-Moda will happily sell them to you if you've got the money to burn.

I'll be checking out one, or more, of these models in the next few weeks and writing a review. Let me know in the comments if there is anything in particular that you think I should look for in my testing. The Forza ($100) and Forza Metallo ($130) headphones are available now at V-Moda's website in black, black and orange, and white. The Metallo Wireless ($170) headphones will be available in December in black and white.