Celebrate, Uber riders! The ride-sharing service has announced that it is overhauling its aging app. Gone will be the overly complicated navigation (they said it, not me) — instead, the app will be cleaner, smoother, and faster. Uber even states that it will be rebuilt from the ground up. The redesign focuses on the question of "Where to?" Since we all use Uber to, you know, get somewhere.

The first new part of the overhaul is "shortcuts." The premise is that for frequent Uber riders, the app will predict where you are heading. This could save a lot of time, as it only requires a single tap. Adding to that, Uber says you will be able to connect your calendar to the app. Doing this will make appointments and meetings show up as shortcuts.

Uber is also offering a new interpretation of "destination." It claims that a rider's destination is often a person, and that trying to get to that someone can involve too much hassle. Enter the "people are the new places" feature, which allows you to set a person as the destination and not the place. This will require syncing your contacts with the app, then getting the other person to share their location with Uber.

Finally, you can now select which type of ride you want to use to reach your destination. So you can select uberBLACK if you are going to a fancy event, uberX if you want a solo option, or uberPOOL if you want a economical solution. Fares are now shown upfront when selecting which service you want. That I can definitely get behind.

Uber is also lumping in some other miscellaneous additions, such as transit times if your destination is a station, Yelp reviews if you are heading to a restaurant, and Foursquare suggestions for things to do in a new area. This large update is rolling out to iOS and Android over the coming weeks beginning today.

Uber - Request a ride
Uber - Request a ride