IFTTT (if this, then that) is one of those services you either love or just plain don't understand. It can be hard to integrate IFTTT into your life, but it's great if you have a lot of smart devices around the house. IFTTT is trying to make the service a little easier to use with the latest app update. Recipes are now called Applets, and the app has them front and center.

For existing users, all you really have to know is that your Recipes are called Applets. The revamped interface will take a little getting used to, though. The main "Discover" interface is now a list of popular Applets. Each one is a card that can be expanded with a big on/off switch. Turning something on adds it to your list of Applets.

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The app has a bottom navigation bar with links to Discover, Search, and My Applets. You can create completely new Applets from scratch from the My Applets section. It pulls up popular services when you add your trigger and action, or you can search for a specific one. All the functionality of IFTTT is still present in the new version, it's just presented differently.

Developer: IFTTT, Inc
Price: Free+