Brave Software acquired Link Bubble from developer Chris Lacy a few years back, aiming to turn it into a friendlier ad-blocking browser. The name was eventually changed to Brave, but now the owners are reversing course. It's Link Bubble again, and there's a more conventional browser app available called Brave. Yeah, it's kind of a mess.

The thing that always set Link Bubble apart is that it loads pages in floating bubbles that sit in the background. So, you can do other stuff, then come back to the bubble when all the loading is done. Brave kept all that, and layered its own features on top to create "Brave Browser." As of the latest build (v1.9.58), the name is Link Bubble again. There's also a one-time popup message telling people about the new Brave Browser. This is still rolling out in the Play Store.

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Link Bubble, formerly Brave.

The listing for this new browser makes the difference clear—Brave is a regular browser and Link Bubble has bubbles. Brave has the same ad-blocking and privacy features, but it's based on a standard Chromium build (v54 as of now). You can get the new Brave Browser right now in the Play Store. The latest build of Brave Browser Link Bubble is still propagating. We've got it on APK Mirror, though.

The app was not found in the store. :-(