Do you have an Alexa-enabled device sitting around the house? You might have a new reason to talk to it (and maybe not toss it out when Google Home arrives). Amazon is promoting its Alexa deals by tossing an extra $5 gift card at you. The deals themselves are pretty good too.

You can find out what deals are available by asking your Echo (or other Alexa device) "What are your deals?" You can also just go to this web page and see the full list. Only Alexa can give you the stated discounts, though. Most relevant to your interests is the Fossil Q Founder, which is available for around $160, plus you get the $5 gift card. That's an appropriate amount of money to spend on a Wear device right now.

The gift card deal is valid through November 18th, and only for the first 25,000 units. I'm not sure how many people are shopping with Alexa, but you might as well get in early.