John Legere is well-known for being a rather unconventional CEO, and the Pixel promo that T-Mobile took the wraps off of last week had Legere stamped all over it (it was essentially the equivalent of spitting in Verizon's face). The $325 bill credit for having a Pixel on T-Mobile seemed like a sweet deal at first glance, but it required customers to be on the carrier's controversial, "unlimited" ONE plan.

We first heard about T-Mobile extending the offer to non-ONE customers when a reader tipped us with a thread from the Pixel subreddit (thanks, Alex!), but nothing was official. However, T-Mobile has just updated its promo's press release to indicate that Simple Choice unlimited customers are now eligible for this offer as well. Rejoice!

For those of you who aren't mobile data plan fanatics, Simple Choice Unlimited was a plan that included unlimited LTE data. Sure, it supposedly de-prioritized speeds when traffic was heavy for customers who used more than 26GB per month, but that almost never actually impacted anyone. This plan was praised by many, but it was axed when ONE arrived. Not unsurprisingly, existing Simple Choice Unlimited subscribers hung onto their discontinued plans.

Those customers will no doubt be pleased to know that they, too, can now receive $325 back in the form of bill credits. To be granted these bill credits ($13.55 per month for 24 months), you'll have to hand over your Pixel's IMEI and prove that you purchased your Pixel less than 30 days ago.