A new raft of banks have been added to Android Pay today, which is always nice. There are a couple dozen this time. There's First Flight FCU, Bristol County Savings Bank, oh and look at that... Capital One. Sweet Christmas. Only a year after it was listed as "coming soon."

Here's the full list of newly added banks.

  • Alpine Bank
  • Anheuser Busch Employees CU
  • Bristol County Savings Bank
  • Capital One
  • CinFed Credit Union
  • City & County CU
  • City National Bank
  • cPort Credit Union
  • Eaton Family Credit Union
  • First Flight FCU
  • First New York FCU
  • Fremont Bank
  • Georgia's Own Credit Union
  • HomeTrust Bank
  • Hudson Valley Federal CU
  • LCNB National Bank
  • Leyden CU
  • Michigan Educational CU
  • Neighbors Credit Union
  • North Dallas Bank & Trust
  • Pacific Service Credit Union
  • Philadelphia FCU
  • Rainbow Federal Credit Union
  • Redwood Capital Bank
  • Seaboard Federal Credit Union
  • Seacoast Bank
  • SELCO Community Credit Union
  • Settlers Bank
  • ShareFax Credit Union
  • Siouxland FCU
  • Southside Bank
  • Texas First Bank
  • Three Rivers Federal Credit Union
  • United Community Bank
  • United Savings CU
  • University of Toledo FCU
  • WEOKIE Credit Union
  • York County FCU

Now, this is not the first time Google has made it seem like Capital One support was finally added to Android Pay. Back in May of this year, Google updated its list of banks and included Capital One. It later removed it again. We've reached out to Google to make really, super-duper sure about this one. For the time being, we're still seeing Capital One cards appearing only as virtual cards without full support. It might take a day or two for everything to click into place, though.

lol jk

Google just updated the list to remove all of the above banks. We're waiting to hear back from Google about this, but for now... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯